50th Anniversary Poster


18″ x 24″ lithograph poster

The lithograph poster commemorates The Irish Rovers fifty years of music and features original artwork, “The Life of the Rover” by Hamish Douglas Burgess (© 2013).

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The painting is in the style of the ʻBook of Kellsʻ (c.800ad), combined with a modern twist (celtic art pun intended) to tell the bandʻs story, from their origins in ireland, through forming the band in canada, with favourite songs, and up to the present day. Within the piece there are 26 historical references, and 11 song references.

The painting itself is also available as a 2ʻx2ʻ limited edition giclee print from the artist directly, through his website at www.mauiceltic.com. Or email Hamish at hamish@nullmauiceltic.com

NOTE: There will be an additional cost for poster tube and shipping.