Come Fill Up Your Glasses (Digital Download)


We dedicate this recording to the memory of our dear friend and musical partner of 33 years, James Francis Ferguson.

Slàinte, George Millar – January 1998

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Track Listing:

  1. The Shores of Botany Bay 
  2. Kitty the Rose of Kilrea (G. Millar)
  3. Bonny Labouring Boy
  4. Lincoln’s Army (J. McEvoy)
  5. Green Grows the Laurel
  6. Little Brigid Flynn (P. French)
  7. Will you Come and Marry Me? (G. Millar)
  8. The Tinker (J. Reynolds)
  9. The Ballintoy Farmer (G. Millar)
  10. All of It (G. O’Brian)
  11. Come Fill Up Your Glasses (P. Seeger & L. Graham)
  12. A Little Bit More (T. Sands)