Still Rovin (Digital Download)


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A word from us to you,

Yes Virginia, we are indeed still rovin’ after all these years, forty and more and still counting.  If we keep this up sure we’ll soon be as old as the songs we’re singing.  The roving has led us down many a road over the years, some rocky, some smooth but always interesting. Not counting the numerous compilation records, this will be our 30th album or cd for you youngsters out there.  We’ve recorded 15 tracks ranging from roving to unrequited love, to forced immigration and what else?- but back to the roving again.  We hope they’ll induce a smile or chuckle or maybe even a tear or two – from the songs that is, and not the singing!  If you’re reading this it means that you haven’t dowloaded it, the curse of all musicians the world over, and we sincerely thank you for that. So in this busy world of computers and “high tech” confusion, we invite you to take a journey back with us to simpler times in ireland, when “men were men and sheep were scared!”  so please enjoy our latest “labour of love”, and incidentally a glass of bushmills or your favourite jar would not be out of order.

George Millar – August, 2007


Track Listing:

1. The Rambling Boys Of Pleasure (George Millar)
2. Up Among The Heather
3. The Dear Little Shamrock Shore (George Millar)
4. Instrumental Jigs – Father Kelly’s Jig/Langstrom’s Pony/The Lark in the Morning
5. Brady Of Strabane
6. Let The Toast Go Round (George Millar)
7. I Will Go A-Rovin’ (Words – George Millar)
8. Mary Of Dungloe
9. The Farmer’s Young Wife (Words – George Millar)
10. The Gypsy (David McWilliams)
11. Rory Murphy
12. Sweet Lovely Joan (George Millar)
13. Instrumental Reels – The Plough and the Stars/Sheehan’s Reel/The Boys of Malin
14. Forty Years A-Rovin’ (George Millar)
15. Boolevogue