The Titanic (Digital Single)


From the album, Drunken Sailor

The 100th Anniversary this year. George Millar, who shares his birthday of April 14, with the date the ship met its icy end on her maiden voyage a century ago, wrote a tribute to the legend of The Titanic. It tells of the ship’s beginnings in Belfast’s Harland and Wolff shipyard. “Being from Northern Ireland and born on April 14th, the legend of the Titanic has been with me all my life. Irish pride was at its highest, and the sinking devastated the shipyards, and its workers. To this day they say with a wry smile, “She was alright when she left here!””

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See video, The Titanic

The song is featured on the CBC documentary, The Pride of Belfast. See documentary.

“I put a lot of love into writing that song about Belfast and the Titanic… I thought maybe I was on that boat in another life… I didn’t want to blame anyone.  The song is more about the people … all those poor souls who lost their life. To me it was saying that it’s almost in the mists of time. It’s still out there – and it’s still pounding across the ocean somewhere.”

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