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The Irish Rovers Unicorn Tour 2018

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If we all hold the course, there will be a time when we’ll all be able to sing together once again. Things may be different but we will adapt, as the health and safety of everyone takes  priority. The 2021 tour continues with the release of our “Saints And Sinners” album. We hope to see you in the Fall of 2021. In the meantime, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites, and join us for an online concert, Saturday April 17th. Details below.


Join our audience Saturday April 17th no matter where you are in the world! We’re aiming for the biggest audience ever, and as an experiment charging only $5! Saturday April 17th is National Ellis Island Family History Day. Enjoy a Full Irish Rovers concert filmed “Live on St. Patrick’s Day” from your home. Stay home – Stay safe.

LIVESTREAM Concert Start: 12 Noon PT,  3pm ET, 4pm AT, 4:30 NT, 8pm BST Ireland / UK;  9pm CET;  6am Australia;  8am NZ. The concert will be available for 48 hours.

Immediately following the 2 hour concert is SHOW #2: Zoom Meet / Greet with George and and the Rovers. Co-founder and leader of The Irish Rovers, George Millar and a few of the Rovers will be live from their homes to answer questions about filming the show, future plans, how the Rovers are coping in these strange times, and legendary stories from The Irish Rovers themselves.


SHOW #2, $5 – ZOOM Meet / Greet with The Rovers TICKETS – CLICK HERE

Saturday April 17, 2021 Join The Irish Rovers Livestream Concert and Zoom Meet / Greet.

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Concert Reviews

Columbus Calling It’s not every day you get to see music legends, and when you do get the chance, your expectations may be tempered by realities about age and time (See: The Stones, Dylan, etc.), but on a cool Sunday evening in Columbus, there were no such kinks in the armour. Delighting old fans and certainly surprising some new ones with their land speed record-playing on “The Dublin Pub Crawl,” the sheer pop perfection of the shiny happy hit, “The Unicorn,” and its brilliant new follow-up, “Narwhal, The Continuing Story of The Unicorn,” it was one for the books.

Otago Daily Times, New Zealand “There’s no getting away from the quality of the Miller cousin’s vocals, vintage Irish balladeers from Ballymena with calculated wit and whimsy and a brogue to win the ladies hearts…And in the end that’s exactly what has made The Irish Rovers the enduring legend they are.”

Tallahassee Democrat “Sold-out in Tallahassee – All the years of touring and playing haven’t eroded the band’s ferocious chops. “Those musicians are so tight, They’re virtuosos!…”

Orange County Register “Sold-out in Long Beach – When the band was jamming through traditional Irish sets you could close your eyes and imagine yourself at a ceili in a pub on the shamrock shore with a pint and a rocking tight house band of the lads…”

Foundation for the Performing Arts “Sold-out in San Luis Obispo – What an unforgettable experience! Impossible to sit still as they play song after merry song off the pages of Ireland’s historic songbook. The Irish Rovers excite even the most discerning audience member into having a rip-roaring good time…”

The Morning Call  “Irish Rovers celebrate a bonny resurgence… the lads have returned to their glory days, and are still charging…”

Gaelic Hour, CHIN 97.9 “Like the famous Bushmills Irish Whiskey, The Irish Rovers continue to improve with age!”

Leader Post “Internet Sensations… it was the Internet that introduced a whole new audience to the music of Canadian Irish folk legends.”

Taron Cochrane, Global TVThe crowd was in the palm of their hand…it became apparent that The Irish Rovers have had a significant impact on more than just their own generation of fans”

Aidan O’Hara, Irish Music Magazine, Dublin “The Home in Ireland DVD/TV special is already generating a renewed interest in Ireland, which should see more North American visitors heading over to the Emerald Isle.

Comox Valley Record
“The band has sold millions of albums, but to really experience them, you need to see them live, because as well as being able to deliver a heart-warming ballad or moving instrumental, these Rovers can Rock.”

Medicine Hat News “Irish Rovers charm with their effortless musicality, uproarious wit and winsome ways… elicited claps, hoots and cheers throughout both sets…”

Telegraph Journal “high-energy Irish tunes with lyrics that quicken the blood and make you feel life’s really worth living.”

BBC Ulster “The Irish Rovers are one of the most successful and enduring of all Irish folk bands.”

Belfast Telegraph “Throughout the years, these international ambassadors of Irish music have maintained their timeless ability to deliver a rollicking, rousing performance of good cheer – one that will soon have you singing and clapping along. Their songs have become anthems of revelry and joy among generation after generation of fans.”