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The Hardstuff album was originally released on Attic Records, 1989.
In these times it is important to remember that when this strange time is over, we will all be together again. Until then, we encourage people get together on Skype, Zoom, any platform you choose, and we can All Sing Together! See the singalong video on our Youtube Channel at https://youtu.be/rEwEZ55A30s .


The best medicine we regularly prescribe - Learn a Song.
Slainte, The Irish Rovers


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Track Listing

  1. All Sing Together (Bryan Adams / Jim Vallance) Calypso Toonz (PROCAN) Adams Communications Inc. (PROCAN) Irving Music Inc. (BMI)
  2. Paddy On The Turnpike (W. Millar / G. Millar / W. McDowell / PROCAN)
  3. Belfast (Billy Connolly / PRS)
  4. Buy Us A Drink (A. J. Hulett / Tombolla Publishing / APRA)
  5. First Day On The Somme (Intro Poem ’Tipperary’ by Robert Service / Words/music W.l Millar)
  6. Mama's Got A Squeezebox (P. Townshend / Towser Tunes / PRS)
  7. Don't Fly Away (T. Northcott / Native Land Music / PROCAN)
  8. Down By The Sally Gardens (Trad / Arranged & Adapted by W. Millar / W. McDowell / PROCAN)
  9. Finnegan's Wake (Trad / Arranged & Adapted by W. Millar / G. Millar / W. McDowell / PROCAN)
  10. The Other Side Of The Evening (Randy Bachman / Randy Bachman Music (PROCAN) Top Soil (BMI) Careers Music (BMI)