No End In Sight


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The CD includes lyric booklet with words to all the songs.
Songs written by George Millar. "The Wellerman", new words by George Millar.

Last year began with the Rovers hitting the Spotify’s VIRAL TOP 50 in both the US and the UK/ Ireland, and ended with recording this new album, No End In Sight!  They thank young Nathan Evans’ rendition of The Wellerman, for carrying on the tradition of the sea shanty, and have included their original 1977 version of the song with a new ending on the new album. Also on the CD, a new anthem for our time, Hey Boys Sing Us A Song, inspired by the last two years. See the video:

Last song on the album, Dinosaurs is a tribute to the old crusty musicians who have paid their dues and are still going strong today in an environment that is hostile to their survival. YouTube:

Track Listing

  1. No End In Sight
  2. Against The Grain
  3. The Wellerman
  4. Rambling Paddy
  5. The Girl Down The Lane
  6. No Rules Or Borders
  7. Donovan's Pub In Ballinasloe
  8. The Ballad Of Tom Archer
  9. Back To Sea
  10. Diabolical Things
  11. Oh Dear Me
  12. The Lady And The Roving Blade
  13. Somebody Loved Me
  14. Hey Boys Sing Us A Song
  15. Dinosaurs