Songs for the Wee Folk


After nearly 40 years, the long awaited album of Children’s music from The Irish Rovers is finally here. Now you can share some classic favourites and new gems with your wee darlin’s!

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The CD includes 15 songs that will soothe and delight your young ‘uns, PLUS a 28 page lyric booklet with words to all the songs and fantastical drawings by Celtic artist, Hamish Burgess. Even big ‘uns enjoy this journey to the land of the Wee Folk.


Track List:

1.    I’ll Tell Me Ma   (Trad)

2.    The Marvellous Toy   (Tom Paxton)

3.    Puff the Magic Dragon   (P. Yarrow & L. Lipton)

4.    Yes I Can  (George Millar)

5.   The Fox, The Hare, The Badger and The Bear (Words, G. Millar)

6.    The Biplane, Evermore   (Marty Cooper)

7.    The Bog in the Valley   (Trad)

8.    The Unicorn   (Shel Silverstein)

9.    Rover the Hound  (George Millar)

10.  Teddy Bear’s Picnic   (John Bratton & Jimmy Kennedy)

11.   A Hug or Two   (George Millar)

12.   What’s Cooking in the Kitchen  (George Millar)

13.   You’re Never Too Liddle  (George Millar)

14.   Morningtown Ride   (Malvina Reynolds)

15.   Hush Now Don’t You Cry   (George Millar)


If you just want to download the songs instead of receiving CD and booklet Click here for ITUNES