Whores And Hounds (Digital Single)


Single from the album, Drunken Sailor. Written by George Millar (Red Maddie Music / SOCAN)

The prequel to Drunken Sailor. After 3 or 4 weeks at sea, a bit of recreation was required and nature walks or church going, while noble and uplifting, were not necessarily part of it.

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Twenty years ago, The Rovers hit, Wasn’t That A Party confirmed them as the real authorities on the subject, literally – the song was written about them by Tom Paxton after he took part in one of their post-show parties. Whores and Hounds continues the tradition, but in their true Celtic style. See VIDEO

CD Review Blog Critics: You really couldn’t ask for a more enjoyable collection of sea songs than Drunken Sailor. Buy it and play it any time your spirits need a lift!… read more

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